The Fast of Esther

The 13th of Adar, according to the book of Esther, the Jews began a to fast and seek the Lord as too their plait. They had been marked for ruin and were have all their wealth plundered in order to support the Babylonian pending war with Greece.

Esther the new queen knew she had to go before the King and intercede for her people. She and the rest of the Jews fasted and prayed for 3 days. At the end of this fast her petition before the king was heard and the Jews were given the legal right to defend themselves and their property from the impending raids.

The day of that salvation is called Purim. Perhaps starting today you too would fast and pray for 3 days. Seeking the Lord not only to find favor in His sight but to hear His plans and strategies for you, your family, your ministry. At the end of this fast have a feast to celebrate and thank the Lord for hearing your prayers. Celebrate Purim this year and honor the Lord for what He is about to do in your circumstances.

Fast of Esther: 3/17 (sundown)
Purim: 3/21