Confession from the Mass of Christ

In these modern times one would think that it becomes increasingly difficult to separate oneself unto the Lord during the Christmas season.  With all the commercials on TV, Santas in the store and the out and out assault Christ, this year it was quite different for me.

No I did not hermit myself in the mountains or even refuse to go to the mall. But what I did do was unashamedly speak my faith when asked. It was refreshing to feel comfortable to say Merry Christmas and just not care if someone got mad. Or to say ” No, we do not do Santa Clause”. and to my surprise there was very little if any negative remarks.  I did get a few looks as people somehow cannot think of kids, and Christmas with out Santa. But My response was just that we are trying to teach him (our son) the true meaning of the Holiday and most peoples responses were good.

Christmas does not have to be a holiday where Christians loose all good senses and succumb to the hoopla around them.  It is still possible to hold onto the true meaning of Christmas.  That is why I titled this post the Mass of Christ. The one mass a year when the Church remembers the birth of our savior Jesus Christ. Is it that anyone believes that is really his birthday? No, but it is the day that was chosen log ago (yes because of an existing pagan holiday) but never the less it is the day chosen to remember the ultimate humbleness of our King.

This year we attended Catholic Mass on Christmas eve. For my liking it was a bit dry perhaps but while I sat there I got to thinking of Catholicism. I started to marvel at the millions around the world celebrating, “CONFESSING”, the birth of Christ, on the same day, with the same Mass. It felt for perhaps the first time that yes Christians are all one body. The Body of Christ. As I continued to think I recalled the many Methodist, Baptist, Pentecostal, and other services I attended over the years as part of the Christmas celebration, and that yes, some where more “entertaining” than others but they all had one thing in common. They all in their own unique way were confessing the birth of Christ. God with us. Immanuel.

It was at this point in my thinking that all the trouble in the church started to fade into the background. I prayed to God that one day again reunite the Church and call together His people into the new Heaven and new Earth. I confess that this is the Lords will as recorded in Revelation.  I confess that I do not understand it all. I confess that I have no clue which church is the correct Church (maybe none of them, maybe all of them as a whole).

and above all I confess that God came to earth through the Virgin Mary, Jesus Christ, God with us. Fully human and at the same time fully God. The only begotten son of God. To die on the cross some 33 years later and save the world from its sin.

I hope that as you celebrated this Christmas that this above all was the reason for your celebration. I hope that this one deed 2000+ years ago was the reason you got together with friends and loved ones, exchanged gifts.

May the love God has for us be given to those in need. Amen.